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Us Against The World EP - Splash

I linked up with Makin’ It Mag to pick one of its Mimbers’ content to cover on my blog. After going through a lot of talent on The Wire, I came across Splash and the new project he released with producer, Zamari, “Us Against The World”. The duo from South Carolina put together a dope and unique body of work that I was able to enjoy from beginning to end. Filled with different vibes, Splash’s favorite record is the intro song “The Jefferson’s”, while Zamari’s is “Don’t Tell Nobody” and mine is "I'm So Fancy". The title of the project was inspired by their attitudes to do whatever it takes to manifest their dreams into reality, they feel that persistence, determination and dedication is all you need to accomplish goals and be successful. I was very impressed with this project and look forward to seeing more from the Ne’Mari Ent. label mates, both Spash and Zamari did their thing on “Us Against The World”. Check it out on whatever streaming platform you use and listen to my favorite track on the project "I'm So Fancy" below.

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