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Big 4.1 - “Big Sack”

Big 4.1 positions himself to be a leader for the youth as an OG with a message through his current campaign and latest single, “Big Sack”. The artist coming out of Gwinnett County, representing the Nawf, uses the Joe Peeples’ production as a hip hop podium to motivate his audience to build their “big sack”. The official music video for the single, shot by Been Mawbin, shows Big 4.1 in a low-key setting, focused on the money.

In an interview with America’s Realest Podcast, Big 4.1 elaborates on his mission to  encourage listeners to get money, build generational wealth and evolve beyond the glitz and glamour that society idolizes. He also shares his experience transitioning into country music with his band and believes at their core, everyone is country.

Formerly know as Spit1, Big 4.1 has a mixtape with Coalition DJ’s DJ T-Money titled “Me vs Me Bar 4 Bar”, which captures his evolution and commitment to the growth of himself, along with his music. Elevated bars and versatile sounds can be expected to be heard on the project with the wisdom, country and rock influences Big 4.1 has gained.

Watch the official video for “Big Sack” by Big 4.1 and listen to it on any streaming platform. Be ready for the release of his “Me vs Me Bar 4 Bar”.


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