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Y0$#! - “Soy Bueno” feat. Chinaman Kooly

Y0$#! draws from Latin inspiration for his catchy and upbeat single, “Soy Bueno”. Translated to English, “soy bueno” means I’m good and the cat in the hat that raps turns that phrase into an infectious, energetic chant over platinum producer Chinaman Kooly’s beat. The single was recently entered into DJ RootsQueen’s IG live music review and the track woke the judges up after a long night of submissions. Y0$#!’s second song featured an intriguing jingle for the cookie company, Magic Middles, which further encouraged judges to declare Y0$#! the winner of the session, as they admired his creativity. Listen to “Soy Bueno” by Y0$#!, featuring and produced by Chinaman Kooly, after checking it out below.


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