“Signs” that we’re getting new music from ATL Feng Shui!

ATL Feng Shui is coming off his latest release, “Dat Nawf”, featuring OG Bigga Rankin, and now he’s gearing up for a rollout filled with a lot of dope content. We’ll be getting two new records from the Nawfside captain, followed by two, eight track projects, all released within the next few months. I had the pleasure of listening to all the music and I have more than a few favorites already. “Signs”, which has been teased on his IG and is one of the first singles to be released, is a track I could play on repeat. Young Bowzer and Shui came together to create an entrancing vibe on that one. He also promised a bunch of videos to go with the new releases so get ready for all the great content! Follow him on IG at @otayfengshui now so you’ll be prepared for the drop!

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