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Bob Lennon's "Ashtrays" EP Listening Party Recap

I had the pleasure of attending Bob Lennon's listening party for his upcoming EP "Ashtrays". The fried chicken was bomb and the mac & cheese was delicious, the free drinks were great and the company was even better. Waka Flocka hosted the night, which DJ Mike Mars helped coordinate with Bob's manager Pinky, and the studio was filled with play makers. I ran into DJ Such n Such, saw "The Rap Game" Street Bud's mom, Cori and stood next to Dirty Glove Bastard while previewing the EP. Let me be one of the first to tell you that the whole project is completely fire. With everything we could get caught up in during the night, nothing in that building could distract us from what we were experiencing listening to Bob's project. It was pure freedom of expression and true art. I love every song and I can't wait for everyone to catch the vibes from BSM's future star. "Funeral" is out now and when "Ashtrays" drops, you can check out Waka's favorite track, "Drip", along with all the other insanely dope records. Shoutout Kulture Klash for the footage.

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