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Big Gyp - “Messi” feat. Zaytoven

Big Gyp proudly presents his brand new single “Messi”, produced by the legendary producer Zaytoven. After coming to America from Croatia at the age of 15, Big Gyp settled in St. Louis and decided to pursue a rap career. Never giving up, he’s built his music career up to a point where he’s collaborating with one of rap’s most celebrated producers.

“Messi” is an upbeat banger that features playful production by Zaytoven with a catchy hook and solid verses by Big Gyp. DJ RootsQueen introduced the record to fellow judges during her IG live music review and they were captured by the infectious vibes of the track, earning Big Gyp the top record of the listening session. Stream “Messi” by Big Gyp after listening to it below. DJs can get the record here.


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