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Jay Shephard - “Hold It”

Jay Shephard’s latest and lively single, “Hold It”, impresses judges during DJ RootsQueen’s IG live music review. The Nassau, Bahamas born and raised singer fuses the island vibes of reggae and dancehall with some essence of pop to create his dynamic sound, which remained memorable after being played first in a competitive lineup of submissions. DJ RootQueen, America’s Realest and two new hosts, Digital Dope, A&R from Zaytoven’s label and iRepMike, A&R from Dj Holiday’s label, were all entertained by his strong vocals, solid song structure and engaging production, by Kenny Gray. With a billboard accomplishment already under his belt, Jay Shephard is bound to continue making impacts with his music. Listen to “Hold It” by Jay Shephard on any streaming platform and look out for more to come from the international recording artist.


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