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Gambino drops gems with "The Hustlr"

If you're an indie artist in Atlanta and you don't know who Gambino is, you might not be in the right circles. He has done many things for independent artists and the indie culture for years, like getting artist's songs played on the radio for the first time and throwing some of the best shows in ATL. Gambino has also been an influential part of my career, giving me one of my first big opportunities and platforms and showing me the value of providing artists what they really need to win. In his interview with "The Hustlr", he talks about some of his accomplishments as a talent manager, what motivates him and gives advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. He also discusses his brand, "The Campaign ATL", and explains how artists can benefit from working with them in more ways than one, whether it be at their open mics with iHeartRadio or photo shoots at Cam Kirk Studios. The self-proclaimed and well-deserved indie gatekeeper knows what it takes to get to the next level. Check out Gambino's interview with the Hustlr and make sure you stay locked in with him and "The Campaign ATL".

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