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Gunna - “Prada Dem” feat. Offset

Gunna joins forces with Offset for a high fashion video experience and new single, “Prada Dem”, making it the YSL rapper’s first collaboration since his RICO arrest in 2022. Claims of Gunna snitching haven’t seemed to slow him down with “Fukumean” peaking at #4 on the billboard charts last year. Still, he addresses and denies allegations of being a rat amongst the flashy lyrics of his latest release, saying “I’m not a rat, still gettin’ cheddar”.

Offset boasts his prominent, decade long career and the luxuries that have come with it in his appearance on the track. With the Nawfside artist on his Set It Off tour, the timing of the record’s release couldn’t be better for him.

Gunna is also scheduled for The Bitter Sweet tour later in the year, possibly meaning “Prada Dem” is just the beginning of new music and collaborations from him this year. Watch the official video and listen to “Prada Dem” by Gunna, featuring Offset, on any music streaming platform.


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