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Jon Banks - “Last Time” (Official Music Video)

Jon Banks is back with his latest single, “Last Time”, continuing to showcase his unique sound and ability to capture emotion in his music. AnkorBeats’ production on the record brings out the best in the Atlanta based rapper’s vocal delivery, creating a harmonious track with an overall theme of moving past trauma. The release of “First Time” was paired with a music video, directed by ChukoFilms and its narrative complements the song’s expression of finality and reflection. Each frame is meticulously composed, drawing the viewer into the story behind the lyrics with a musing performance by co-star Chrissy Cindy. Jon Banks continues to establish himself as an artist capable of delivering music with deep personal subjects and positive messages. Keep an eye on Jon’s social media for behind-the-scenes content and more insights into the creation of “Last Time.” Listen to “Last Time” by Jon Banks on any streaming platform after watching the official music video below.

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