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OBA(KING) | “Intentions” | New Music

OBA(KING) mixes and blends unique sounds to create a masterpiece song. Infused with with a new age style of trap, rock and roll and afro melodies he sure to be a star. You can hear OBA(KING) playing the classical piano live and singing before the songs switches up into something electrifying. Mix and mastered by the one and only DJ Burn OnE This song brings out a true form of fire originality. Follow OBA(KING) on all social media to stay updated with new music, videos and more! Booking/Contact Info:

Artist: ​OBA(KING) Track: Intentions Producer: SnooKNaZty & OBA(KING) Label: Independent Hometown: North Atlanta, Georgia & Lagos, Nigeria Mood: Hypnotic Emotion: Suspcious Genre: (Original)Trap, Rock & Roll with Afro Fusion, Drill, Hip-Hop Socials: DJ Download | “Intentions” All Platforms | SoundCloud | “Intentions” Music Video | Follow OBA(KING)

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