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Q’Moshyn - “All Nighter” feat. Kxng KO

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Kxng KO went into networking mode to create one of his latest releases, collaborating with Q’Moshyn for, “All Nighter”. The two artists met on Spotify Greenroom, in “My Song Is On Spotify”, and Camden, NJ’s Q’Moshyn was the first artist to reach out to Boston’s Kxng KO for a collab. Q’Moshyn sent Kxng KO the CrookTooth produced track with an open verse for him to slide on, for the final product. The artists still have yet to meet in person but plan to link up soon to shoot the music video. Until then, stream “All Nighter” by Q’Moshyn and Kxng KO, on any music streaming service.


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