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10 Pieces Of Content To Help Artists With Single Campaign

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

In this digital age, content is king and artists carry the responsibility of feeding their fans and social media accounts with as many pictures and videos as possible. The task can feel overwhelming but when broken down, there can be a lot built around just one song. We’re here to help by presenting 10 pieces of content to support a single campaign.

Every part of the music process is a moment to be captured. With that being said, an artist could literally hit record on a camera from the beat selection process and keep it rolling all the way to performances. It’s simple enough, as long as you have a cellphone with a high quality camera and someone dedicated to being apart of the process to record. Below are 10 different pieces of content artists can create around one song.

In-Studio Footage: Everyone wants to see the process of their favorite song being created. Include your audience from day one with in-studio footage/BTS (behind the scenes).

Animated Cover Art: High quality cover art is so important to have. Animated cover art will help keep potential fans’ attention longer by keeping the screen busy while your music is playing in the background.

Triller/Tiktok: These platforms made it easy to shoot a mini music video. Get familiar with these apps and take advantage of the opportunity they provide for entertaining content.

Photoshoot Pics & BTS: Artists need a new photoshoot every quarter. High quality pictures and behind the scenes footage will provide extra support to campaign.

Music Video & BTS: Every single needs a music video. The process should be documented and could become its own teaser video before the official video release. Double up on the opportunity.

Show Drops & Performance Footage: Letting followers know when you will be performing and inviting them to come out builds fans. Getting a high energy video, with good crowd reaction, while performing or the single is playing reinforces the fact that people that aren’t listening to your music should be too.

Blog posts & Music Reviews: People want to know what other people think about music. Posting articles from different blogs shows that others are in tune with your campaign and gives potential new fans a reason to hop on the train. It also gives current fans inspiration to stream your song again, while checking out the article. Music reviews are also good content to post.

We can recommend high quality resources for video work, photos and/or graphics, feel free to reach out! Blog posts are our specialty and we also host a music review via our podcast! Tap in to the network! We hope this helps, now get to work!

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