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Merch Money Gets Artists Paid

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

As an artist, a high percentage of money earned will be from merch. Most artists want people to stream their single but don’t ask them to buy it. They look for open mics and showcases for performance opportunities, that usually aren’t free, and leave content with applause. The phrase “starving artist” often comes to mind when thinking about an independent musician chasing their dreams, but I’d like to help change that narrative and inspire artists to get money.

It takes around 25,000 streams to make $100 on Spotify. An artist can sell a t-shirt for $25 to 4 people and make that, easy. Artists are brands and businesses that should have products, and apparel is a good place to start, after the music. Any image can be put on a hat or hoodie to support an artist, brand or latest release. With the luxury of print-on-demand resources, selling clothes should be a no-brainer. Physical stock is good to have as well because there will always be an opportunity to make a sale on the spot. Be creative when thinking of potential products to sell. Start a comic book, create a game, sell lemonade. Brand lighters, sunglasses, headphones and offer them as a bundle. Gather exclusive content and put it on a USB drive for fans to buy. Get some merch and make money.

This article is for the hustle. Making sure affairs are in line when it comes to PRO, streaming, BDS registration, etc., is vital for the overall success of an artist. The information is presented assuming all of the business has been taken care of and it’s time to take the next step. Remember, quality is very important for whatever is being sold, from the music to the key-chain. Everything branded is a representation of the product so make sure to have the best presentation possible and run it up!

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While traditional revenue sources like album sales and streaming royalties remain important, merchandise sales offer artists a direct and tangible way to generate income. By leveraging their brand and fanbase, artists can create and sell a variety of merchandise items, including t-shirts, hats, posters, and more, both online and at live events. Not only does this diversify an artist's income streams, but it also fosters deeper connections with fans who proudly wear and display their favorite artist's merchandise. To improve your music activity on Spotify, be sure to study the Spotify algorithm work:

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