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Building A Foundation

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The recording artist is only one element of a song. The beat is half of a track and someone has to record it. After the record is done, it needs to be presented and supported with content. Making music and creating content is a team sport. An artist that makes the beat, records the song, mix and masters the track, creates the cover art and uses a drone to shoot the video is taking themselves out of the studio to accomplish those things. A team can help maximize on efforts. The following people listed below will be the foundation of a recording artist’s career:

Producer: YouTube beats are used by so many artists and often results in multiple artists having the same beat. It’s best to find a producer to personally lock in with. It’ll be easier to get paperwork done with someone that is accessible.

Engineer: Even if an artist records themselves, engineers can take the session to put finishing touches on the track. No record is done right after recording. It must be properly mixed and mastered before releasing, for quality purposes. They can add auto tune or reverb to give the track more body and style.

Graphic designer: Cover art is the main piece of content shown with any song. High quality graphics will elevate the interest of listeners. No one wants to share poorly made artwork, but a compliment on how nice a graphic is can encourage sharing.

Videographer/Photographer: Keeping content flowing with pictures and music videos is pivotal for success as an artist. Build with photographers and videographers that love what they do. They’ll be needed often, whether for a new song rollout or a “day in the life” vlog.

The main idea here is to get a good flow of content production, and a team will help achieve that goal. It’s not necessary to find the best starting out, as budgets will come into play, but find dependable people to grow with. Don’t go looking for management and labels, they’ll start to reach out when the time is right. Do research to gain knowledge on how to build as an artist. Focus on creating and putting out content, and the rest will follow. Remember, more people involved in your mission equals more support. Build a strong foundation with a team willing to work hard to achieve success.

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