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How To Gain Fans As An Independent Artist

Updated: Jun 14

How can artists build on the following they have? Where does the support come from and who will it be? An artist’s fans are the key to building a foundation for long lasting success in their career. Nicki Minaj has the Barbs, Wiz Khalifa has the Taylors and Lil’ Boosie has an unnamed, diehard community of fans and loyal supporters. Starting out, an independent artist’s community usually consists of family and friends, which is a good place to start. The part that trips a lot of artists up is who to connect with after that. I have a couple techniques artists can use to gain fans, both in-person and online.

In-person: Go to environments that welcome what you have to present. Going to the mall and handing out a flyer to every person walking by wouldn’t be as effective as going to a showcase or networking event and doing the same. Music festivals or concert lines are also places that are likely to have a high conversion rate, as long as what ever is presented is quality. “Targeting” is a strategy that will save artists tons of resources. Start with connecting with people that you’re sure are interested in music to begin with. When coming into contact with a potential fan in person, make sure to connect with them on social media. When they engage there, a lead for a new fan is established.

Online: Social Media is full of different tools and tons of pages have been written in books on the subject, so I’ll focus on one simple technique for Instagram. Artists should engage with every person that likes a post that they’re tagged in, whether it’s from a blog or a fan. When people express interest, that connection should be nurtured. Follow those people, like and comment on one of their posts or reply to their story. If they follow, there is a sign of a potential fan. It is then up to the artist to continue to provide content that will turn that interest into passion.

Bonus: Email marketing is one of the most reliable marketing techniques used by many different kinds of businesses. Whether in person or online, collecting emails from people who show interest will insure updates about new music, shows and merch gets directly to them.

When it comes to gaining new fans, get creative, do research and stay consistent with content. Remember that any one person can influence the people they know, creating an endless potential for reaching new fans. People share music they like all the time. Set goals and break them. Stay focused and keep pushing!

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