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Apex Kato - “Cocoon”

Apex Kato is ready for his breakout moment with his EP, “Cocoon”, delivering a dynamic, synthesized and truly creative project that blurs lines of rap, rave and emo genres. The 7 song compilation offers different vibes, showcasing the alien rockstar’s ability to take different approaches and forms within the artistic realm of possibilities. Some standout songs on the project are “Overdrive” and “Without You”, offering different emotions but both greatly appealing. With accomplishments like obtaining over a million streams across different platforms and a song placement on Real Housewives Of Atlanta (season 14 finale), the Atlanta born artist looks forward to reaching his true “apex”, as his name represents. Apex Kato plans on releasing new music very soon, with 2 singles and an EP titled, “The Beast from the Sw4ts”, planned to drop during the summer. Stay tuned for more from Apex Kato and listen to “Cocoon” on any music streaming platform, after listening to it below.


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