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Soufside Kash - “Different Mode” (Official Music Video)

Soufside Kash keeps it real and stands for something in his latest single, “Different Mode”. Not letting misfortune stop his grind, Soufside Kash, fresh off surgery, managed to link up with BeenMawbin to shoot a Pull Up On The Mic performance for the song’s official video. “Different Mode” is the leading record on his new project, “Soufside Saturdayz Vol. 1” and is ignited by the Clay Co. rapper’s Soufside Saturdays Freestyles. The 5 track EP follows his “Greenbox Chronicles” project and features Soufside Kash’s authentic southern hip hop delivery, offering grit, tenacity and good will. Stream “Different Mode” from Soufside Kash’s EP “Soufside Saturdayz Vol. 1” on any platform after watching the official video, below. Be on the lookout for more to come from Soufside Kash.

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