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Highlighted Hustler: Macfly Beatz, Producer Of "Crazy Story" By King Von

Updated: Apr 17

In a world full of talented producers, we wanted to highlight one that some may not know by name but the tag, “Known to let that mac fly just like my nigga Doe”, is recognizable and has been played millions of times. Macfly Beatz AKA CountDoe, talked about making the beat to “Crazy Story” in the studio with King Von, right after working with Lil’ Durk, in an interview with America's Realest Podcast. Since then, the platinum producer has been on the rise and seen on Instagram, in sessions with Swalee, Lil Uzi Vert and Gucci Mane. With more more star studded placements ahead, we wish him the best and continued success. We caught up with Macfly Beatz for a quick Q&A. Find out his favorite song produced by him, some of his influences coming up and a quote to keep fans inspired.

Favorite song you produced?

“Walk Down” by Big Kay Beezy feat. Pooh Shiesty

What’s in the vault?

A lot In The Works .. Too Much To Name

Who were some of your biggest influences with beats coming up?

Daft Punk , Skrillex , Kanye , Dr Dre

Give me a quote or something you want to tell fans:

"Chase Your Dreams"

Follow Macfly Beatz on IG @countdoe and watch him cook up a trap beat during the in-studio video, below.

Listen to and like our playlist of songs produced by Macfly Beatz on Spotify!

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