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RASHADSOFLY dropped his new song, “Buss Down”, and it's a banger. The catchy beat, created by BB Beats, features a sample from the 70’s classic, “And The Beat Goes On”, by The Whispers, producing a lively foundation for RASHADSOFLY to express some real situations on. In an interview on America’s Realest Podcast, RASHADSOFLY recalls “Buss Down” getting approval from peers and a lot of attention on Instagram before its release, creating a demand for the record that couldn’t be ignored. Coming off his latest project, "Trendsetter”, RASHADSOFLY stays active with “Buss Down” and continues to push as a rapper after transitioning from being a manager. Stay tuned for more to come from RASHADSOFLY and listen to “Buss Down” on any streaming platform after checking it out below.


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